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REIKI & Crystal Healing Session with Intuitive Guidance

60-90 min | $95


Are you seeking physical, emotional or spiritual healing?

Experience the amazing benefits of Reiki, an ancient Japanese technique that promotes self healing.  As an attuned practitioner, I am able to access the Universal Life Force Energy and act as a vessel in order to clear chakras and imbalances within your body. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit.  The beneficial effects of Reiki include relaxation, feelings of peace, cleansing of energetic and physical toxins and spiritual evolution. During your session, I will utilize the healing properties of crystals and sound bowls. I will also access my medical intuitive gifts and scan your body to detect current or future ailments.  Finally, I will relay any messages from loved ones or guides who have stepped forward to assist with your healing experience.

*A detailed report will be emailed post session.

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Chakra Alignment

30 min | $45

Need a quick adjustment?  Chakras are out of balance?

Receive the benefits of my Reiki and Crystal healing in a shorter session.  You will gain just as much benefit from a condensed session, but we will not have time for any “extras” such as crystal bowls or guidance from loved ones or guides.  

Distance Only *This session does not include a written report.


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Guides & Spirit Animal Activations

30 min | $35

Have you ever wondered who to call upon for guidance or assistance with healing? Spirit guides are beings that are assigned to us before we incarnate to help us navigate life. An animal guide, also called a power animal or animal totem, is a messenger or teacher who comes to us in the form of an animal to guide and protect us throughout our lives. Nature spirits or elementals work for the well-being of plants, trees and animals. During our session, I will tap into your energy, see these various guides and connect them to you. I will relay any messages that they bring forward. You will then be able to connect with them on your own and ask for guidance.

*Distance only. **A detailed report will be emailed post session.

michelle-lee-hill-intuitive healer-Light Code Transmission & Healing Activation.jpg

Light Code Transmission & Healing Activation

30-60 min | $65


Are you looking to activate your ascension or healing potential?

Whether you are a lightworker seeking access to the keys of a unique set of codes, or you are simply looking to initiate your self-healing potential, this session is for you.  Light codes are unique to each individual and are personal frequency transmissions. Full light integration is essential for our physical bodies to live, function and ascend. I have been granted a unique set of transmissions from my council of light, distinct from others you see or hear about online. These new codes will help upgrade your bio-energetic systems and allow you to physically embody more of your higher self.

*These activations are best integrated after a Reiki session.

*Distance only. **I will assess if you are ready for these activations prior to session.

*A detailed report will be emailed post session.


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